Day 60: gluten free gyoza

Today I decided to tackle gyoza again! I am on a mission to make gluten free dumplings. I tried a recipe for the wrappers early on in lockdown but they failed. After more research I found another one, well two. One (Kimi eats gluten free) is a variation on the other. ( Victoria Glass). 

The dough itself was pretty easy to make. I had to get a helper in to fill and crimp them otherwise it was going to be a late dinner. I think Mr Life London Food did a pretty good job especially as he has never made gyoza/ dumplings before!

The filling was just a veggie one, cabbage, mushrooms and carrots. All cooked off in seasoning and cooled before filling. Delicious!!

 Getting his dumpling making skills on!
A little production line as I’m rolling out the dough.
Some good crimping, some pretending to be Cornish pasties!
I may have over filled the pan!!
Trying hard not to eat them all at once!!!

We have lots left over for lunch tomorrow, yay!

We had the gyoza tonight with some homemade Ho Fun noodles that I made this afternoon, they are so delicious!

making Ho fFun noodles again
yummy rice noodles with spicy beed

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