Day 32: rice noodles!

Oh my goodness! I made rice noodles from scratch! I now have a big bowl of Ho Fun noodles…. very excited!!!

Now you are probably wonder why someone would do this when you can buy perfectly good dry rice noodles. I am with you there, but as someone who is gluten intolerant, I am limited to what noodles I can have, and I am just so bored of thin and medium size rice noodles. I want big thick chewy noodles that are sticky with sauce. Having the time to try this out has been great. It’s a bit fiddly doing one rice crepe at a time but it’s actually not that time consuming. Start to finish I think it took an hour. I will definitely make them again!

Getting the production line ready- you steam the batter so it’s like a crepe
Stack them once cooked.
And cut up
Separate the noodles ready to cook!

I used the recipe by Fit Thai Kitchen, which was super easy to follow.

We cooked them in a pad thai style sauce with lots of veggies…. it’s meat free Monday after all! It was delicious and I will definitely be making these meaty chewy noodles again.


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