Day 31: Sunday and Chill

Who doesn’t love a lazy Sunday?! It would obviously have more meaning if I had been working all week, but Mr Life London Food has and he is pooped! Yesterday was a baking day for me, and lots of cooking. We also had an online drinks date with friends. While we were being safe and sensible social distancing it was very annoying to see people across the road out on their balcony with friends  – why do people not think the rules apply to them!! It made me very angry.

Baking yesterday was of course the good old lockdown staple, banana bread – half in the freezer for future snacking and then the rest out for treats over the weekend. I also made more chocolate chip cookies as they are so good, but ended up freezing half the dough ready rolled into balls so we can just pop them straight in the oven when we want more cookies. Depending how it works I may do this more often.

delicious banana bread out of the oven
more baking – chocolate chip cookies

Today started with an earlyish walk to Clapham Common, it was pretty chilly but still quite busy. We had a good old wander and found this really cute little wooded bit that I had never noticed, all those years walking around the place.

where has this little wooded area been hiding?
all quiet on the duck pond

The rest of today has very much been sofa bound watching movies. Although I am a little concerned about our movie selection today, first Outbreak and then World War Z. Clearly we need to get away from watching movies about virus’ and pandemics! doh! Will have to watch something comedy later on this evening to lighten the mood. That has pretty much been the day though, movies and banana bread with peanut butter and nutella on it, and what an enjoyable day it has been.

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