Day 29: Friday!!

It’s Friday!!! Oddly I still get excited by it even though I’m not working nor do I have exciting weekend plans! How strange I am.

Firstly, loving the response my post about Singapore got. Turns out I’m not the only one who loves the place. Putting it together has sent me down a YouTube rabbit hole of looking up food recipes for my favourite Singapore dishes! Oops!

Today’s walk took me through the area around Battersea Square. It does have some beautiful architecture going on. It’s that mix of old and new development with lots of historic character.

A beautiful house near Battersea square.
The mix lovely mix of historic and contemporary.
A little hidden private garden behind some houses. Pretty!

The highlight of my day however has to be the arrival of dumplings! Yes that’s right, lovely Chinese dumplings. Being gluten intolerant it can be hard finding all those things I used to love eating. Dim Sum is one of my favourite cuisines and it’s rare to find gluten free dumplings. However on Instagram on Wednesday night I saw someone post about a London restaurant delivering dumplings and I knew they did gluten free ones. Further investigation and a quick message to the restaurant and an order was done! So exciting! They arrived this morning courtesy of Ugly Dumpling. They are frozen and can be cooked from frozen. I cannot wait to tuck into them.

The arrival of gluten free dumplings !

One final note for the day. While on my walk home this morning I came across the following ( see photo below). Just on the pavement. It tickled me! What a random thing to have in your house and to leave out…. oh well, it made me chuckle!

One of the more random things to see out on a walk.

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