Day 33: HIIT it real good!

I decided to mix up the old routine today and started with a HIIT class this morning rather than a walk. I have been doing the HITT classes that SheerLuxe have been posting on their Instagram page. Its being done by Bryony Thompson. They are 20 minutes and get loaded on a Tuesday I think, I have them saved so I can go back and do them at a time that suits me and have been doing a couple a week. They are light hearted but hard, well I find them hard. Its nice to do a work out and then be surprised its over as it has flown by so quickly.

Anyway, that was the start of my day, the rest has been making a big pot of vegetable chilli for lunches and some for the freezer. As we are at home all day every day I am finding we have to keep lunches a bit varied and there are only so many salad options I can present to Mr Life London Food. I have also made another batch of the lovely gluten free naan I made a couple of weeks ago as we had some yogurt that needs using up and they can go in the freezer.

So that is really the day, HIIT, cooking and I will do some yoga later on this afternoon. Not the most exciting day but fairly chilled and upbeat!

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