Day 24: Catching up on the last few days

I have been a little lazy with posting the last few days. Sorry for no posts on day 23 and 24. Not much has been happening, but there has been a lot of cooking and faffing around the house.

So one thing I made was tacos!!! We have been buying corn tortillas from the Cool Chile Company, and they are great as you can buy in bulk and freeze them. However, last time we got a bag of masa harina flour and its just been sat in the cupboard. With time on my hands it was time to get the masa harina out and make my own tortillas! Now I do not have a tortilla press ( yet) so it was all about the hand rolling, so they were not exactly round nor pretty but damn they tasted good! I had never made corn tortillas before so was very happy with how they turned out. Love an easy gluten free treat.

not exactly round or pretty but holding their shape! hurrah!
pulled pork ( from the freezer) tacos! lush!

Throughout the lockdown I have been trying so hard not to shop. As the future beyond furlough is uncertain I want to make sure I have some money stashed away in case I have to start looking for a new job, however, very occasionally I slip….. and when I went shopping to get some fruit I came home with two succulents  – but look how cute they are!!

They are completely essential for lockdown life, right? They are there to brighten up the little flat. Bring the outside in!

Oh and I also got these gorgeous tulips!

Pretty Tulips

Last night the cooking experiments continued with making gluten free naan. We eat a lot of Indian food, and one of the things that I have missed going gluten free all these years are really good naan. You can buy them in a couple of the supermarkets but they tend to be lacking the fluffiness and a bit dry. There is a bakery up in Scotland that we buy bread from that does amazing gluten free naan but I want something a bit more convenient. With all my free time it has given me chance to properly look online for recipes, and I have found one –  thank you Gluten Free on a Shoestring. The recipe was easy to make. I did leave the dough to rise for about 2 hours rather than 45 minutes, mostly because I was a zoom wine chat! But it gave the dough a really light touch. I was worried that it was too wet but just using a light touch and well floured hands and surface I got the dough really thin just using my hands to stretch the dough.

Its always nerve racking when cooking gluten free dough to see what it turns out like but the moment it hit the pan the dough bubbled and fluffed up. After cooking I was very naughty and brushed on some garlic butter. The naan were amazing. Very happy with this recipe. The left overs have gone in the freezer and I will definitely be making them again!

The naan cooking in the pan
Look at those bad boys
Grubs up! Gluten Free Naan deliciousness

Today has very much been a quiet Saturday. We started with a walk to Clapham Common which oddly we have not gone to the entire lockdown –  its only a 20 minute walk away and offers a really good area to walk for our 1 hour of outside time. It was pretty grey this morning which was disappointing as its been so warm and sunny most mornings this week. It was super busy with people out walking, running and walking their dogs. If we head back over another day its going to have to be earlier.

Man in Park

The rest of the day has been laundry and doing some life admin, but mostly watching television or chatting to family. Not a bad day at all.

I am now off to make some pizza  – its a new dough recipe so lets see how it turns out! Fingers crossed.

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