Day 21: A walk through Chelsea

No post yesterday as I was not feeling too great, not sure what it was, maybe just feeling down. Heyho! Much better today.

I started the day with my morning walk and decided to take a different route. Mix it up a little bit. Back in the old days when I used to work, and in an office too, I walked to and from work. Along the river and through Chelsea. It would be the same route every day. This morning I decided to cross the river and head into Chelsea and explore the various side streets and residential roads, all those places I just walk past normally.

It was a delightful walk in the sunshine. I came across a lovely little private park, empty of course but full of beautiful flowers. Chelsea is such a melting pot of architecture, showing the various stages of London history all in one little area, with historical houses sitting right next to a modern build.

a beautiful private garden just off the Kings Road
Pretty flowers

a little pub stands quiet in the lockdown
beautiful tires on the front of a house
Old and New
a little sneaky cut through
Chelsea Old Church


I am very much enjoying exploring the area around me and finding hidden areas that I would otherwise just walk by. Who knows what else I will find over the coming weeks.

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