Day 26: Hello flowers, Hello hay fever

Hello Monday…. how is April almost over? I feel like it was just Easter weekend. Where is time going?

It’s the start of another week, another week of lockdown and furlough. It feels like its never ending. I went for my walk this morning but the same routes are starting to get boring. I did a lap of Wandsworth Common, again. It’s starting to get boring doing the same loops and I am missing the riverside. I am currently avoiding it as its far too busy with runners and cyclists and annoying people who do not know how to social distance.

One plus side of walking around the common are all the flowers and blossoms that are coming out. It is however causing horrid hay fever! Is anyone else suffering badly? It is causing a lovely runny nose and scratchy throat, which every time I cough when out I want to shout, its hay fever not Covid! Is the pollen worse this year or is it just me?

Those damn flowers are annoyingly making it a rather pretty walk, however repetitive it may feel right now.

There is also elderflower everywhere. I mentioned this to Mr Life London Food yesterday and mused at picking some to make my own elderflower cordial or syrup to which he replied ‘just buy it’. Not sure he is up for me foraging just yet.  Although I am very jealous of all those people posting the wild garlic they have been finding and cooking with. Saying that, I would probably end up picking the wrong thing.

The work day is almost over for Mr Life London Food, which means almost time for us to do some Youtube yoga courtesy of Yoga with Adriene before dinner. I am thinking some kind of noodle soup –  I will not call it ramen as I do not want to cause offence to all those ramen masters out there.

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