Day 7: the sun returns

The sun returned in full force today. Its been beautiful. I completely misjudged the weather today and set out for my walk in a completely black outfit and too many layers. Its my own fault of course because I also left an hour later than normal.  The mornings have been chilly even with the sun out, but not today.

Should not have gone out in all black

My walk today took me back up to Wandsworth Common as I was feeling nostalgic for the old hood and I have decided the riverside in the sun is just far too busy. It was lovely there today, the blossom out and blowing in the wind.

Wandsworth Common in the sunshine again
the blossom around Wandsworth Common

Its been quite an unproductive day, although I did try out a new work out video on YouTube to try and make up for the lack of cardio –  I am so out of condition with no regular spin classes.

I have been between Netflix shows been researching how to make gluten free dumplings as they are one of the foods I miss the most being gluten free, There are a couple of wrapper recipes online so I thought I would give one a go, the wrappers themselves came together nicely but I obviously left them too long between the rolling out and making the stuffing as they dried out too much and couldn’t be folded  – so dumpling fail.

the dumpling wrappers before they dried out

Luckily I only made a little batch so I can try again tomorrow as the filling is now sitting in the fridge. Wish me luck!


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