Day 58: relaxed weekend

Well yesterday started off as a lovely day as I got to see my sister for the first time since the 16th March. Her and my brother made the decision to head home pre lockdown to ride out the storm with my parents. Partly as their respective housemates were leaving and they would be on their own but also as back up in case my parents got sick. They came back Thursday evening as my brother is back to work Monday ( he is a golf pro and his club is now open) and my sister as it was time for to have her own space back. Plus she had not packed for such warm weather back in March!

We met socially distanced in the park, it was so nice to see her in person and chat to another human being not through a screen. It feels like it has been so long since I’ve spoken in person to someone other than Mr Life London Food!

It’s the little things in life!

My delightfully relaxed day continued with the planting of my plant savers plants. I ordered them a couple of weeks ago and I went with the fruit/ herb selection and got three strawberry plants, thyme, rosemary, sage and a verity of mint. All look in great condition. I planted them into bigger pots with the compost I got with my order. They have brightened up the balcony. I was missing having plants.

My fail of yesterday was bread. I attempted to make a gluten free buckwheat loaf and oh was it bad. After proving overnight it went in the oven yesterday, but there was no rise. It came out dense, spongy and not a nice taste. Who knows what went wrong. I will not be trying that recipe again.

Failed bread

With no bread in the house last night I whipped up a quick white loaf following the Doves Farm free from recipe. It’s quick to make so cooked just before bed and cooled overnight so we had bread for the morning. It’s an ok loaf. Not much flavour but decent texture and toasts well. It will do until I can get to the shops.

Slightly more successful bread

The rest of today has been family calls and playing boggle on the balcony with chocolate cake. We went for a walk but are avoiding the parks at the weekend and evenings as they are too busy and so little socially distancing going on. I know it was announced that from Monday groups of 6 from different households can meet up in gardens and parks but I feel it’s too soon. This weekend twitter and the news have been full of images of crowded parks , everyone forgetting a pandemic is still raging around the world. We still have over 200 people dying a day from Covid -19 , the highest in Europe. I would not be surprised if figures start rising again soon after the last few weekends, plus the protests that have been happening.

Overflowing bins continue in the park – a testament to how busy they are at the weekends and evenings

We will stick to what we have been doing, the only garden we will visit is my sisters. Keeping a distance of course.

Tonight’s dinner

Right I’m off to cook some chicken tikka kebabs! Yum!

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