Day 56: can’t stop, won’t stop…. baking!

I love cake! Always have, always will! I love anything cake related, especially an afternoon tea. Since going gluten free over 3 years ago it took me a while to get back into baking as I just struggled with the old GF bake. It wasn’t the same. My mum even got me a baking course for my birthday one year.

I have found my time on furlough therapeutic with regards to baking as I have actual time to do it for pleasure and not rushed like I would be normally if it were at a weekend in between doing other things.

I have of course been making banana bread on a regular basis as we have always liked it, but it keeps the snack monster Mr Life London Food at bay! I tend to make it every couple of weeks following the same recipe, it’s just one on the Tesco website. It just works and is tasty, without being fussy.

I made it today as I have a few bananas taking up space in the freezer as well as some browning on the side. Our flat is so warm bananas don’t have a long life in our flat.

Banana bread fresh out of the oven!

Today I also gave a new recipe ago. It’s one by gluten free goddess Naomi Devlin! It’s a chocolate cake with ganache…. yum! She posted pictures of it last week I think and posted the recipe on her blog. It’s a very easy recipe. Slightly odd in you mix the rice flour into a paste first then add to the rest of the ingredients. I had hoped for more of a rise but it looks ok. The ganache is a little more time consuming only as you need to give it time. Overall it was a nice easy bake. It also tastes delicious!!

Rice flour paste with butter added so it melts against the warm paste.
All the other bits
Add the two and mix together, it tastes good at this stage!
Into the oven
She is baked!
Topped with ganache!
Damn delicious cake!

I am hoping I can continue to use my furlough time to keep baking. I really want to teach myself how to make macaroons… we will see.

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