Day 53: spinning around

So yesterday evening we built the spin bike we purchased! It had been sitting in its ginormous box all bank holiday weekend blocking the hall. When I say we built the bike, Mr Life London Food did, and I had a zoom chat with friends.

It seemed to go together fairly easy though. 

I have been pondering a spin bike all lockdown, and after returning the turbo trainer I started looking again. Very few places had any in stock and those in stock were stupidly expensive. What I really wanted was a peloton bike but with the prospect of not having a job after July I couldn’t commit to the monthly payments! One day!! One day peloton!!

the finished product

So after much internet searching I found one on Amazon that would be back in stock by the end of May. After both of us looking at reviews etc we made the commitment. It wasn’t due in stock till the 25th but it arrived before the 25th!

Today I took my first ride. Now it’s not the fanciest or spin bikes but it did ok. It makes a few odd sounds, I think something is rubbing internally. Will have to investigate if it continues but all in all I felt pretty safe and did a solid sweaty 35 minute cycle. I’m terribly out of condition, long gone are those regular 1rebel classes.

I looked online this morning to see if I could find any free cycling classes and have come across a couple. The one I did today was courtesy of Indoor Cycling Videos. I did a delightful cycle through an area of Germany. What I really like are the cadence and speed displays as I could increase resistance when the gradient changed and matched the speed. There are lots of scenic cycles on there so I am sure I will be back.

I am hoping the spinning will get me back to pre lockdown weight and fitness!

Also of note, this morning I headed back to Battersea Park for a walk and the bins were overflowing again! It does make me angry. One thing I did see was the ice cream/ coffee kiosks were open. I have not seen them open during the week at all, so something is changing! They are obviously expecting lots of people in the parks from now on.

a pretty stop by the lake
Ice cream open for business
More Ice cream

As a reward for spinning, I also made some super quick peanut butter cookies. They are Milli Taylor’s delicious recipe. They are super quick to make, and you only need 3 ingredients, plus chocolate if you want it. Plus they are naturally gluten free, hurrah! We have already scoffed half of them, not sure they will last beyond tomorrow!


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