Day 54: standard day

I am afraid its been a very uneventful but fairly cheery day. I decided to skip my morning walk today as it was already warm when we got up and I wanted to do a long spin ride before it got too hot.

I did a solid 45 minute cycle, another ride from Indoor Cycling Videos. It was really good, and motivating. Even though I was a hot sweaty mess afterwards I felt good –  thank you endorphins!

After that, today has pretty much been the same as most days in furlough. Bit of German, lunch and now I am currently watching a bit of telly while writing ( and eating those peanut butter cookies I baked yesterday).

We are going to go for an evening walk once Mr Life London Food finishes work. Tonight it will be left over roast duck and noodles for dinner. I did a roast duck on Monday –  it was supposed to be Peking duck but it didn’t really look or taste like that, so we are just calling it roast duck! It was damn delicious though.

the not so Peking duck…. more roast duck
left over duck for tonight ( this photo is of the original meal we had with the duck).

Then its a company quiz for Mr LLF’s work…. last time it went on for nearly 3 hours!! eek! Wish us luck!

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