Day 52: Bank Holiday Monday Sunshine

Feeling much more like myself today, which is nice. Not fully energised but definitely up for a walk. We decided to hit Battersea Park, walking via the high street to avoid the riverside crowds. We were obviously hit on the heads when we thought we would beat the crowds. The high street was pretty busy, everyone out to get their coffee! The park was even busier. Groan!

The park was very busy today, stupid to think it wouldn’t be in this weather.

What really shocked me was the amount of rubbish that was in the park. All the bins were over flowing with rubbish from the day before, there were a lot of beer cans and wine bottles. Clearly there were some big gatherings and picnics going on. I felt bad for the bin guy who was clearing up all the mess. Is it really that hard to take rubbish home or wait till you find a bin with space in it.

So much rubbish in the park
and the rubbish continues

Despite the crowds and the lack of social distancing it was a lovely walk in the sunshine. We walked all the way through the park to Battersea Power Station. We haven’t been down to the Power Station in ages, so it was nice to see how it was all going down there.

There were loads of pretty wild flowers out
Posing by the river!
saw a guy metal detecting… wonder if he found anything
true words Battersea Power Station

On our way back we noticed that some of the ice cream and refreshment kiosks were open  – pre-lunch ice cream anyone?! A lovely little outside treat.

Ice cream!
Ice Cream anyone?

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