Day 51: feeling blue

Sorry for the lack of words but I’ve not been feeling great the last few days. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me. I’ve been feeling very tired and washed out with no energy. I spent most of Thursday and Friday in bed. Oddly also had a slight temperature but that was gone by Friday night.

I’m still feeling a bit weak and tired but that’s probably me feeling mostly blue. I found myself crying at nothing on Saturday morning. Is this what feeling depressed is like?

I’m hoping that I’m coming out the other side of it, but it’s all very strange. All this sitting around is making me feel worse but I haven’t had the energy to do anything, it’s a vicious circle!! I did call 111 and they ran through all the Covid-19 symptom questions with me, but as I only had a slight temperature they were unsure but told me to self isolate for 7 days after my temperature started. After speaking to a GP friend they suggested I call the testing line to see if I could get a test. After speaking to a super lovely geordie lady, she suggested that as my temperature wasn’t high enough for them to class it as a fever she felt it unlikely I had Covid-19 as I had none of the other symptoms I  did not qualify to get a test. She suggested I was perhaps run down. However, should my temperature return or I get any other symptoms I should call them and isolate. So who knows!! She said once I was 48 hours without a temperature I could go back to normal life. If no temperature still tomorrow I will go for a walk and get some exercise!

The route source of all this is probably the whole social distancing thing and anxiety over the future. I’m feeling less and less sure that I will have a job to return to so need to start thinking about options just in case. Also this weekend should have been me returning from an epic honeymoon to Canada… that didn’t happened. Just all in all it’s been a bit of a bummer of a month… hell of the last 2.5 months.

I need to try and stay positive and keep moving. Exercise does help, even though walking the same streets is boring! Hopefully I can get out tomorrow. 

Photo by Ellery Sterling on Unsplash

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