Day 46: Battersea

Today I ventured out on a new walk, I headed towards Battersea Park but via the high street rather than the river. I wanted to see what life was like on Battersea Park Road, once busy with shops, cafes and pubs.

Today it was a shadow of it former self. A couple of cafes were open for takeaway, as were a couple of restaurants but other than that it was very quiet.

A rather quiet Battersea Park Road ( there were actually a fair few cars before and after this photo)
Local businesses surviving on take away only

I headed down residential streets from the main road taking in the quiet leafy streets to the park. I do enjoy the mixed architecture of Battersea.

The park itself was fairly busy, the top part ( away from the river) seems quieter than by the river though. Lots of runners, cyclists and parents with small children. Saw the odd dog walker as well.

There was an eerie calm over the park, people walking, running or cycling but it was quiet. The children’s play area closed off, closed up ice cream vans, all reminiscent of a time gone by. It gets one pondering when life will return to normal, when parks will be filled with noise again, when you don’t feel guilty for wanting the ice cream van to be open!

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