Day 45: Sunny Monday

My weather app said it was going to be nice today but you always take it with a pinch of salt, but I woke up to the sun pushing it’s way through the shutters. Today was my first morning walk without a jacket or jumper. Even in the shade it was warm!

Hello blue sky
Looking for shade … and avoiding the people!

The rest of today has been very standard. Did my German on the balcony in the sun, read a little of my book then lunch and this afternoon day 16 of my Yoga with Adriene. I am also trying to find a decent yet inexpensive spin bike. I got a turbo trainer to try on my bike last week but it didn’t fit my old fashioned little bike so it has gone back. The lack of gym classes is starting to take its toll on me. I have a wedding dress to fit into… I cannot put on too much weight!! Damn you coronavirus!!!

Saying that we did spend most of the weekend indulging in yummy food. Mr Life London Food made beef in black bean sauce from scratch, which was delicious. I also made some gluten free chocolate doughnuts, from a recipe I found online, it’s great as it only makes 4 which of great for us. Not too many treats hanging around. I am clearly my own worst enemy.

Beef in black bean sauce, another great recipe from School of Wok
Chocolate doughnuts!!

Wish me luck on my hunt for a decent but not bank braking spin bike!

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