Day 44: Cycling South Kensington & Hyde Park

This morning we set out for another morning cycle to beat the crowds and explore a quiet London. Today we decided to head over the bridge, and explore Kensington and Hyde Park. It was so quiet, only buses on the roads, barely any cars. There were however a lot of other cyclists, most of whom were pleasant to cycle next to. There was of course a handful of Lycra clad cyclists ignoring lights and rules of the road  – classic!

Heading over Battersea Bridge we cycled up to the Kings Road. It was eerily quiet, no cars, no people, I do not think I have ever seen it this quiet.

lovely street art along the Kings Road
the very quiet Kings Road

As we reached Sloane Square we turned up Sloane Street to Knightsbridge. It was even stranger being among all the designer shops and no one around. Knightsbridge was very much a ghost town. We went down a path running alongside the Mandarin Oriental to Hyde Park.

All quiet at the Mandarin

It was SO nice cycling through Hyde Park with no cars! We cycled leisurely along the road taking in the quiet park, the lack of cars, and the back of Knightsbridge. Did not see any horses out from the Horse Guards Barracks though, shame. This is something I will miss once lockdown is over, being able to enjoy parts of London we wouldn’t normally get to due to cars. Also I do not think I have ever ventured into this park of Hyde Park before. I normally end up at the Marble Arch or Hyde Park Corner end. The Kensington end is a bit more wild. I will definitely head this way more often. We got to the Albert Memorial, and gazed upon the Albert Hall  – so sad there will be no Proms this year.

Hitting Hyde Park with the bikes
All quiet in Hyde Park with no cars
fancy art and fancy buildings
the Albert Memorial
the lovely Albert Hall

We headed further into the park up West Carriage Drive past the Serpentine Gallery all the way up to Lancaster Gate. We then headed back down the same road stopping for photos.

Hello Serpentine

Taking advantage of the lack of people we cycled down Exhibition Road past all the museums, it was strange! On a Sunday at 10am there would normally be queues forming. South Kensington devoid of people was eerie. No crowds coming up out of the tube, no groups of tourists looking lost, empty Pret!

all quiet at the Science Museum
so quiet
All quiet at South Ken station! weird!

From here we cycled home back down to the Kings Road and home. It was a nice relaxing cycle taking in bits of London we used to spend a lot of time in. We would spend evenings at the Museum Lates, every summer at the Proms, seeing exhibitions and shows, I miss South Kensington fun!

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