Day 43: supermarket dash!

Last night after Mr Life London Food finished work we decided to hit Sainsbury’s to do a shop as we had quite a long list and needed two of us to carry it all back. However after walking along the river trying to avoid the sun loving crowds ( it was like a normal sunny day! People drinking wine, picnics, everyone on bikes! Clearly they have all forgotten social distancing) we got to the supermarket but oh my! The queue to get inside! I’ve not seen a queue that long all lockdown. It was massive. Why were all these people shopping at 6.30pm? We decided to turn back. We only desperately needed milk so got it at the Tesco express.

This morning we tried again, got there at 10.30am and no queue hurrah!! Fairly quiet inside as well- winning! In fact the majority of people walking around were staff doing the shopping for the online shopping orders. They were advertising for shoppers again as well. Guess the online shopping madness is still going.

The shop was pretty well stocked, but no eggs and no gluten free flour again! We got everything else which is good.

The baking aisle is still bare, and no GF flour in the free from aisle
Queuing system going strong!

I will need to do an order with Doves for one of their gluten free boxes to get flour.

Other than that it’s been a pretty chilled Saturday. I’m still tackling the puzzle, I hate this puzzle!!!

Time for an aperitif in my house!

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