Day 42: Views from the riverside

A sunny Friday! I decided this morning to take my walk along the river, somewhere I have been avoiding of late as it’s been so busy and I end up getting frustrated with people not social distancing. Not sure what made me decide to go this way but I am glad I did. It was a nice little Friday morning walk.

I headed towards Battersea park taking in all the usual sights and sounds. Near the church there is a ramp down to the river, you sometimes used to see kayakers getting ready there, but through lockdown the bird population seems to have grown. It’s quite nice to stop and just take a minute to watch the geese and ducks.

Are the geese learning to sail boats??

Carrying on, the beautiful blue sky didn’t end.

Albert Bridge ahoy!

I decided against going into the park as it was so busy and I didn’t want to end up getting mad, so turned and walked back through residential streets rather than the river. I came across a closed pub with these chaps outside.

The rest of the walk home was pleasant taking in the quiet residential streets, the pretty houses and all the lovely flowers.

Very much enjoying the bunting!

I did notice on my walk, more and more people in masks. They are not mandatory but advised. I got a couple of cloth reusable ones from Etsy a couple of weeks back but we only wear them when going to the supermarket as it’s enclosed and lots of people. They are compulsory in other European countries and the family in law in France just told us they received reusable ones from the government today. I cannot see our government doing the same!!

There were also noticeably a lot more cars on the road today, it was really busy. I go out around the same time each morning, different routes yes, but today felt much busier. Is this to do with the easing of lockdown?? I guess the quiet roads were good while they lasted but if people are being told to avoid public transport but return to work I guess we will see more cars out there.

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