Day 14: dips

I underestimated the weather again today. In my head it was cold but sunny but it was actually rather warm, too warm for a quilted jacket. Damn! Anyway, it ended up being a rather hot walk back from my morning walk via M&S. I had caved and wanted proper gluten free bread. There is only so long one can eat pitta or mediocre home made sourdough.

On my return I decided to make my own hummus inspaired dip in an attempt to get back to exciting healthy lunches that do not involve cheese. I decided to make a roasted carrot and white bean dip. I have no tahini so I made it without.

It turned out ok. Roasted honey and cumin carrots, blitzed with a can of cannelini beans, some lemon juice, olive oil and seasoning. Yum!

Roasted carrots with honey and cumin

Blitz everything together until the consistency you want

And you have dip! ( a little chunky, but delicious!)

It was also the first online meet up of the furlough book club. We talked about My Sister the Serial Killer, which was an ok book, but I felt I wanted more from the characters. It was nice to chat to people and see how everyone else is getting on in lockdown. The next book to read will be decided soon.

Right, another day done, I’m off to watch some telly and eat some chocolate!

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