The Courtyard Dairy

As mentioned in a previous post An alternative way to shop,  during the lockdown we have been looking for different ways to shop as its not always possible to get what we want from the big chain supermarkets and also the less we go out the less we are putting ourselves in harms way. Looking for the smaller independent providers means leaving the delivery shops for the big supermarkets for those in more need. One of those providers I came across while scrolling through Twitter was the Courtyard Dairy. 

Now I love cheese, and its one of those foods I like to treat myself with. We do not have cheese in the house very often (other than Parmesan which we always have in) because I would eat it and be the size of a dairy cow.  If a restaurant has a cheese trolley you know that’s what I am having for dessert. On finding the Courtyard Dairy website I of course dived straight in looking at its delights. The selling point  was that it was all new cheese to me. I like to try new things.  It also sold items to complement the cheese including crackers and wine. Winner!

We decided to go with two hard cheeses, picked at random from their descriptions and a soft cheese. We also added quince jelly, crackers, charcuterie and a bottle of white to the basket. Pondering when to have it arrive we decided to make it an Easter treat to ourselves seen as we were not spending the holiday with family. Being able to pick the delivery date was a great bonus. With the delivery date picked, and the order completed we sat back and waited for our cheese.

The cheese arrived with a freezer pack in the box which meant the cheese and charcuterie were kept chilled. Everything else was well packed within the box. What I really liked was the hand written labels detailing the cheese with a description. A little thing like that brings a personability to the order, something you miss when shopping online normally or in a supermarket. Throughout the whole process the Courtyard Dairy felt friendly and completely focused on customer service.

the grand unveiling of our order

Easter Sunday came around and I got the cheese board ready. The cheese came out of the fridge in plenty of time to come up to room temperature. By the time we were ready to eat, the soft cheese was making a run for it in the lovely warm evening weather. We dived in, and oh we were not disappointed. The soft cheese, Rollright, was divine, soft and creamy with a mild but full flavour. I am devouring it far too quickly. The two hard cheeses again lovely, although I think I prefer the Haford Cheddar over the Berwick Edge whereas I think Mr Life London Food has the opposite opinion.

Rollright soft cheese, divine
Berwick Edge, a yummy hard cheese
Haford Cheddar

The charcuterie lasted two sittings which was great, and we still have some cheese left, maybe a couple of lunches worth, or one amazing macaroni cheese.

This was not a cheap treat to ourselves but worth every penny and after all this madness is over I will certainly keep the Courtyard Dairy as a firm favourite for shopping. Its places like this that I love to order from for special occasions and parties. If you are in the market for some delicious cheese and excellent service then I highly recommend the Courtyard Dairy.

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