Day 12: bank holiday lounging

What can I say, today may have been the laziest day yet. Although the lack of outside activity has hit! I’m craving a museum or gallery. Something to stimulate the mind.

Today started with a very cold and blustery walk along the river, the correct weather for a bank holiday. None of this hot sunny weather, haha. Due to it being much quieter ( thank you grey weather) we got to Battersea park and had a walk around. Against the grey cloudy backdrop it felt quite abandoned, like one of those old rusting Soviet amusement parks.

An employ Battersea Park

Returning home and finally getting warm again I reached peak lazy watching film after film. Quite an eclectic mix starting with the epic Kingdom of Heaven, followed by the always confusing Prometheus and finally Predator 2 for a retro feel. We did manage a game of scrabble during this, which was good fun.

Scrabble while watching a film

It’s been a lovely chilled long weekend but I have missed the usual family and friends interaction that there would normally be. It also feels strange not to be thinking about going to work tomorrow. It’s tiring thinking about how long this has already gone on for and how much longer it’s going to have to continue to get us through this pandemic. I’m trying to stay positive but it’s hard sometimes.

Must get back to the routine tomorrow and do plenty of exercise this week as there has been a lot of cheese and chocolate!

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