Day 12: Easter!

Today has all been about food. It started with the giving of Easter eggs this morning and has ended with the eating of Easter eggs this evening.

This morning we decided to get up and get out early for our walk to try and beat the crowds along the river. We set out at 9am ( yes that is early for us), but clearly everyone had the same idea. So we set out, in the beautiful sunshine ( no coats required) heading for the park weaving from side to side to miss the runners and the cyclists and all the other walkers. Our route back ended up being through the residential streets as we couldn’t quite take  the river path again. However, what shocked us most was how quiet the Albert Bridge was. This is a bridge I used to cross daily and not a car to be seen, we had to of course take advantage and get a photo in the middle of the bridge.

Morning walk along the river
The steady stream of people along the river
Pedestrian power
Taking over the bridge

It has been another lazy day sat in the sunshine. I even had my Easter Sunday lunch cooked for me by Mr Life London Food  – he made a delicious Chinese inspired lunch of Char Sui Pork, noodles and stir fry vegetables. Yum! Plenty of pork left for leftovers tomorrow.

A delicious Sunday lunch of Char Sui Pork

It has been a relaxing day for me, and I hope it has for everyone else.

Happy Easter

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