Day 11: Sun glorious sunshine

So no post yesterday, sorry! I was far too relaxed and enjoying a lazy day with Mr Life London Food to even think about picking up my laptop. We watched Star Wars, sat on the balcony and I started to read one of my Christmas presents, Michael Palin’s North Korea Journal. Loving it. It’s so well written, informative but with that classic Palin wit.

This weekends reading

Today has continued on the lazy bank holiday path, but I have started the balcony upgrade, huzzah! We decided after three summers it’s time to get some new furniture for our tiny balcony. It’s taken quite a lot of internet searching to find the right size bits – luckily I had time on my hands. Today half the Ikea order arrived so I have made a start. Most importantly my chair arrived so now I can read in comfort till my hearts content. Will update once the balcony is complete in a couple of weeks.

Balcony upgrade, phase 1

Today is little sisters birthday so we are FaceTiming in later for drinks and dinner so we can all celebrate together. We have to glam up! Not sure what clothes other than leggings I even own anymore!

Time to find some bubbles and toast the birthday girl. Hoping you are enjoying the lovely weather wherever you are.

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