Day 9: Doughnuts

Well today I fell off the routine wagon. No morning walk, instead I decided to lounge in bed and have a leisurely morning of breakfast on the balcony.

Enjoying a lazy morning of breakfast on the balcony

It has been one of those days where I have not been sure what to do with myself. My first task for the day, thanks to a request by Mr Life London Food, was doughnuts! I made a batch a few weeks ago and having not read the recipe properly didn’t realise how many they made. Luckily they freeze ( un-decorated) really well so I froze them in batches to whip out when needed. Taking only a short time to defrost I whipped up some icing from the precious icing sugar I got in the last shop I did. One of the few baking items left on the shelf. With no effort at all, a lovely afternoon snack of gluten free doughnuts. (the recipe for these are from the Gluten Free Palate, super easy to make). 

You can never have too much icing on a doughnut!

I have also been waiting for my Courtyard Dairy delivery to arrive –  cheese!! I am very excited. Its a rather extravagant treat to ourselves  – cheese, wine and charcuterie  –  but its making up for the fact we are so far away from family this weekend, plus think how little we are spending now we are not at the pub all the time. Anyway, it arrived safe and sound, and the mountain of cheese is in the fridge waiting to be devoured this weekend. Yum!

Our Courtyard Dairy delivery arrived

The rest of the afternoon has mostly been spent being restless. I watched some more Das Boot while eating a doughnut with a cuppa ( by the end of this I should be fluent enough in German to know what to do with a U- Boat).

I have also rediscovered my Nike Training Club app. I used to do work outs on there all the time but looking at the history I haven’t done one since 2018! I have been to the gym and spin a lot since then I would hasten to add. So after doing a HIT work out yesterday I decided to do two today, once for arms and one for abs…. now I hurt. Another form of exercise that became apparent yesterday were stairs. Our building has 12 floors and yesterday afternoon I saw someone running up and down them –  ingenious!! Not sure I am going to run the 12 flights of stairs but I can certainly walk up and down a couple of times to get the old legs going. Something to tackle post Easter chocolate eating weekend.

Well I am off for my walk of the day in the early evening sunshine.

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