Day 15: cleaning madness

Today has been about cleaning. I thought it would be a good idea to clean the oven… why, would I think that. Anyway once I had started I was committed. It’s cleaner than it was so happy with that. I then moved on to the kitchen as a whole, it was time for a proper clean. It looks so shiny now! Not sure it will last long.

We are currently in operation eat the freezer. This is our attempt to eat all the freezer stuff to clean it out so we can defrost it. There are things in there we had forgotten about, like scones, yum! So tonight was veggie curry and to go with it I made some gram flour parathas from a recipe Romy Gill posted. They were super easy to make and actually quite tasty. Some have gone in the freezer for a future dinner.

Dough made and ready to be rolled.

Roll out to 2mm thick ( I put grease proof paper between each one to stop then sticking)

Dry fry and then oil and fry

Served with veggie curry, delicious!

Tonight we FaceTimed the family for the Virtual Pub Quiz for the 4th week, it’s great fun and highly recommend you join in if you like a good quiz.

I’m off to watch a classic Louis Theroux on Netflix now that his old episode are on there we are working our way through them. Such good telly.

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