Day 3: Fritter Friday

Its Friday! Hurrah! Day 3 of the keeping up my furlough routine and decided to head towards Parson’s Green. Over the bridge I went and came across South Park Fulham. It is a walled park, so if you see an entrance dive in because I didn’t and ended up walking quite a way to the next gate in the wall. Maybe it was the grey clouds but it was not the most impressive of parks, I expected more.

South Park Fulham

However, there are some pretty houses around the area, and who doesn’t love a gander at lovely houses. One very pretty building I found is the photo below. I am not sure what it was/is but its all locked up with a developers signs around it. Alas, snazzy flats ahoy I think.

Historic building find

Today I decided to keep myself busy with some cooking. We had a swede going soft in the fridge and a couple of days ago I found a recipe on Melissa Hemsley’s Instagram page for root vegetable fritters. I hate food waste so love it when I find a recipe that uses things up in a new and interesting way. They were super easy to make and we have left overs for another day. It was quite nice making something without  being rushed.

Melissa Hemsley’s root vegetable fritters

So with all this time on my hands it is giving me chance to check out some shows that have been on my watch list and find some new exciting things. I am trying to limit myself to a couple of shows a day so I do not spend all day slothing about glued to the Ipad.

What I am watching….

  • Unorthodox : this is a great show on Netflix based on the autobiography of Deborah Feldman. Its really interesting, and it being mostly in Yiddish and German, having to read subtitles means I am not playing on my phone.
  • Kingdom: This is a Korean period show, but the difference is it has Zombies! Its a little strange but its good fun ( and having watched Parasite recently loving the comedy hidden in Korean drama). I am also loving the lavish silk Korean costumes!
  • Schitts Creek: I was a late convert to this show. I watched the first series ages ago and though it was silly, then back in January after a couple of days off sick I was hooked. I am now on the 5th and final series, what am I going to do without this kooky little show.

What are you watching? Always up for some recommendations!

Righty ho, I am off, its nearly virtual wine time with my fellow furlough work colleagues. Will be nice to speak to people and hear how everyone has gotten.

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