Day 2: Walking and Sorting

Here we are again! How is this only day 2 of an unknown number of days?!

Anyway, the sun was shining this morning so getting into the new routine was easy.  As Mr Life London Food, set himself up for a day of work at the kitchen table I took my cup of tea and decided to walk to Battersea Park. As it was early-ish, it was still fairly quiet, making it easy to avoid people, swapping to the other side of the paths if necessary. We had visited the park last Sunday afternoon as our escape from the flat but it was full of people, like a summers day! The walk back today was much busier. Note to self must leave the house by 9.30 at the latest to avoid lots of people, especially those who have no concept of social distancing on a path.

The pagoda in Battersea Park

Having the sun out makes such a difference. I have never really thought of the weather as something that controls your mood, but the last couple of weeks have shown me how important it can be. Last week for example, being able to take regular breaks to sit in the sun, even for 5 minutes, made all the difference.

With all this time on my hands I am going to end up becoming a feeder. I find myself flicking through Instagram posts looking at recipes and food blogs wondering what to make next. One blog that I found recently and am loving is The Half Baked Harvest.  Not only is it really well written with lush looking photos but the author Tiegan posts what she is cooking on Instagram so you can see how she makes the yummy looking dishes. Its a great website for inspiration and ideas. This week I made her spicy peanut noodles, which were delish. Not being able to stick to a recipe I topped it with sticky aubergine which is a favourite in our house. Although saying that with the peanut noodles being so damn easy to make it will be a regular as well!

Spicy Peanut Noodles


I have a list of things I would like to achieve during furlough. All those annoying little organisational bits you never get around to doing at the weekend. Things like sorting out the bookcase. Its rammed with books, including way too many cook books. I would also like to learn how to use my camera. I got a digital SLR from Ebay years ago, after I came back from South Africa with the worst wild life photos ever. Squint and you will see a small blur in the distance – its a lion! Having had it for years all I do is point and shoot, I have no idea how to use any of its functions. This is my chance, I am going to find a YouTube video and learn.

Anyway, that’s my mission for life in Coronaland, learn to use my camera and tidy up the bookshelf, oh and make way too much food!  Tonight is Thursday, so hoping to round up the family via various video messaging services to do the Virtual Pub Quiz. Its great fun.

Righty, off to go and find something on my list to do, or make a risotto.

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