Day 1: Furlough in Coronaland

So yesterday was day 1 of life in furlough*. This is a strange time, confined to home with one trip out a day, at least I had work to keep me busy during the day, now, not so much. After being told on Tuesday that I would be put on furlough I felt sick, I knew it was coming but I still felt sick.  After a little while ( and some chocolate) I became more positive. I was lucky to be in a position where I could be put on furlough and not out of a job completely. At least money was still coming in. I was luckier than many others would be in these times.

This is week two of the lock down in the UK, and it is strange. Not knowing when the end will be, when life will return to normal, but I hope that positives will come from this dark time.

Part of my plan for keeping sane during furlough is my daily walk. As someone who walks to work every day ( 50 minutes each way) its a bit part of my routine. Walking allows me to clear my head and get my exercise. Keeping positive it will give me an opportunity to explore some areas I would not normally wander. So day 1 I headed off in a new direction and found myself a new park.

So here is to keeping sane in this mad world!!

*Day 1 of furlough is 1st April 2020. Lockdown in the UK started on 23rd March 2020, but I had started isolating/ working from home from the 16th March as my other half was showing symptoms.

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