Day 4: Sunshine and Pizza

Well what a gloriously sunny day it has been in London town today. Pulling back the shutters this morning and being hit by warm sunshine was just lovely. I hope everyone got to appreciate a little bit of this sun today  – at a safe social distance of course!

We enjoyed a proper lazy morning today, no alarm, no rush and it was delightful. With an early lunch behind us we headed off on our daily walk, this time heading to an old stomping ground Wandsworth Common. It was of course busy with everyone taking advantage of the sun but I was pleased to see everyone behaving and keeping well away from each other. Weaving our way around people we did a horse shoe of the common ending in Spencer Park which was our local park for a while. Here we decided to steal 10 minutes and lie down on our coats and take in the gloriously lovely weather. For that blissful few minutes it like life was normal again.

Wandsworth Common
Spencer Park in the lovely sunshine this afternoon
lazing in the sunshine in Spencer Park

Home again and it was time to think about dinner. It was time to whip out Naomi Devlin’s River Cottage Gluten Free book and make some of her marvelous pizza dough. Its not a quick recipe as there are two different times you need to leave it for an hour a piece to ferment and rise so a sunny afternoon with nothing else to do was perfect. This time around they have turned out pretty well.

Pizza dough resting patiently to go in the oven
fresh out of the oven!

During all the waiting I decided as we had a glut of tomatoes in recent vegetable box deliveries to roast some off and make a pasta sauce that we can freeze. There is a simple pleasure of  just tomatoes, onions, garlic and basil. Yum!

Yummy home made tomato pasta sauce

Today felt like a normal Saturday, which has been nice, and to make it even better we did video drinks with friends tonight. Lush!!

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