Day 37: Dusting off the bike

So today should have been our wedding, but it has been postponed until the autumn, thanks Covid-19! We decided instead of going for yet another walk to dust off the bikes and cycle. Friends have posted photos of quiet city roads so we thought we would take advantage of the fewer cars and hit the road.

Setting off before 9am we hoped it would be quiet, and also cool as the weather said it was going to be another warm day. We also wanted to avoid as many people as possible after all the people we saw out yesterday.

Heading towards Victoria we cycled the route I would normally take to work, then up to Buckingham Palace, down the Mall, then up through St. James to Piccadilly, a quick gander at an almost deserted Regent Street before looping back round to Trafalgar Square, back along the Mall and the same route home.

Empty streets in Victoria
When is outside Buckingham Palace ever this quiet??
Eerie Regents Street
Eros all alone in Piccadilly
Alls quiet at the National Gallery
Trafalgar Square
Looking back on the National Gallery
Cycling along the Mall
Just a few cyclist and runners… all very strange on the Mall

It was lovely!! The roads were ours, not having to worry about cars or vans. We would never do this in the normal world, it would be far too stressful with all the traffic! It was slightly eerie though with so little traffic and empty streets. All very strange. As much as I enjoyed it, it wasn’t London!

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