Day 36: VE DAY!

Today is a bank holiday to mark 75 years since VE Day. Obviously the original plans were going to be street parties, parades and speeches, but COVID-19 has got in the way, instead it’s a muted version, with socially distanced front garden parties and tv shows, but at least we still got the Red Arrows! Well we got the smoke and the sound but didn’t see them!

Red Arrow smoke!

We put up flags on the balcony, but it’s not quite the same. Nothing was going on round here! I’ve felt rather left out as my family ( all isolating together) were joining in with the front garden tea party that their road was having – all socially distanced of course!

Attempt at VE Day decoration

I’ve been a bit sad today as this was supposed to be our wedding weekend! All that build up and now nothing. We have been lucky that we have been able to move everything to October. It still feels a bit empty as we had such great plans for this weekend.

We went for our walk this afternoon, it’s been very warm today! We went on my normal Wandsworth Common loop but oh my was it busy. Clearly everyone in the area had forgotten the social distancing rules. There were people sat, sunbathing and in no way trying to move out of the way when you meet on a narrow path. We both got rather mad.

The further in we got the busier it got!!!

Deciding to head to M&S as we needed gluten free bread we went down onto Northcote Road and it was ridiculously busy. We ended up having to walk on the road to avoid people. The pavements were full of people, and the queues for ice cream. People remember we are social distancing during a pandemic ready right?!

It was a stressful shop! Back home and it was aperitif time on the balcony!! And relax!

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