Day 38: Lazy Sunday

Today has been a classic lazy Sunday of pottering around the house, watching movies and cooking. The day kicked off with Mr Life London Food making a lovely breakfast  – bacon!

breakfast by chef Mr Life London Food

Our flat is full of flowers, its crazy!! Our lovely families sent us lots of flowers yesterday as it should have been our wedding day. I even ran out of vases so am having to use a jug for some of them. So funny. There is such a lovely smell in the lounge.

the lovely flowers filling our flat
So many flowers

As the weather is the complete opposite to yesterday – cloudy, cold and windy –  we decided to get on with some indoor bits. I have been wanting to make black dal  ( also known as Punjabi Dal Makhani) for ages, like the amazing black dal you get in Dishoom.  I managed to get some urud dal from Sous Chef and they have been waiting to be used. Its quite a long process as I set the beans to soak overnight last night, and then it was over two hours of simmering this morning before adding anything else. The patience paid off and I have ended up with a big old vat of black dal thanks to the recipe by Maunika Gowardhan. I really like her Indian recipes as they are simple to follow. I have made the butter chicken and tikka masala quite a few times and they are a big hit.

So much dal!

We have also been working out way through a carrot cake I made on Friday. Its not the best cake I have ever made, it has a good flavour to it but is very dense! I was trying to be good so made a weight watchers recipe ( I have been on WW since last summer, and its been working for me …. well up until lockdown!). The recipe was specifically gluten free but something about it was too dense. I think next time I will make a different version, and not care about the calories. It’s hard sometimes when you just want a slice of cake and you cannot get one without making a whole cake. #FIRSTWORLDPROBLEMS

a flavourful but dense carrot cake.

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