Day 86: Sunday Cycle

It has been a hot one! The UK has been hit by a heatwave this week and it was definitely felt here in the city. Its been very hot in our little flat. the poor fans have been working double time at trying to keep us cool.

So hot we hunted down some gluten free ice creams
It was hot out there this week

The lovely hot weather did mean that we could organise a picnic in my sister’s garden so we could see my brother who I have not seen since the start of march. It was so nice to have a socially distanced catch up.

With the announcements this week that bars and restaurants can reopen from the 4th July you can see them all getting ready to open up. Just across the river is an outdoor bar they set up in the summer and also in the winter. As I walked over the bridge earlier in the week you can see it all being converted to a summer venue as it was closed down during lockdown still as an apres ski themed bar. I am starting to get emails through from restaurants we regularly visit about booking a table. Not sure I am ready for that, but hopefully we will get something in place for my birthday at the end of July.

Bars are getting ready to re-open

The big excitement is that I can now go and see my parents from the 4th July –  so excited!! Not sure I am excited about being on a train for 1.5 hours but we do not have a car so its the only way for us to get about. It will be interesting to see what it is like and how many people are masking up.

Today on our Sunday cycle we decided to head south to Morden Hall Park. In all the years I lived in Balham and South London I have never ventured down there. The park itself is open as is the garden centre but the other bits in the park are closed. It was rather busy, lots of other cyclists and runners, also lots of families. It looked like some people were setting themselves up for picnics.

Cycling along the Wandle Trail
An old Water Mill on the trail
Morden Hall Park is very pretty

It was a delightful ride and I think we will venture down there again, this time taking a different route, going down more of the wandle trail to the Park, rather than main road there and back.

We are hoping for a cooler week next week, fingers crossed.

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