Day 80: how does one return to society?

I’ve been pondering of late how I feel about re- assimilating back into society. I am not going to lie, it scares me a little bit. Crowds of people now make me a cross between angry and anxious.

This Saturday early evening like last week we went for a walk to stretch the legs and get fresh air as it was lovely and sunny still. As we got to St. John’s hill, the pavements were crowded with people. All hanging around outside the bars and restaurants serving alcohol to take away. People obviously were not taking them far. It was crazy. No social distancing and hard for pedestrians to walk without getting close to people.


Not so long ago I would have loved this. An aperol spritz in the sunshine with friends! Now I am I fear it. I am not sure if I have had COVID-19 and I won’t know until I am tested for anti-bodies which may never happen knowing this government. I therefore proceed under the assumption that I could get it, and I really don’t want it. Especially as we are getting closer and closer to the possibility of me seeing my parents in the not too distant future.

This however looks like it’s going to be the new normal with bars and restaurants soon to reopen.

Am I the only person who is scared about the reopening of society? I guess we have to just assume at this point that the virus will burn its way through as society opens up and travel starts to become an option again. Hopefully as they learn more and more about how to treat it the fatalities will be less and less.

I don’t want to be a shut in. I love socialising, seeing friends, spending far too much money in restaurants and bars. I think lockdown has stolen part of me and I want it back.

A slowly slowly approach will help. Seeing friends one at a time in outdoor settings before rushing to book a table at a favourite restaurant. I don’t like being angry/ anxious when I see crowds of people ahead of me on the street.

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