Afternoon Tea Delivery

As I mentioned a couple of days back, on Saturday we had an afternoon tea from the Ham Yard Hotel delivered to us. What an absolute treat.

I first saw it advertised a week ago on the Firmdale Hotels Instagram feed. They were advertising that the Ham Yard hotel, a place I have been for tea many a time and adore, were doing their lovely afternoon teas by delivery. Whats more they had a gluten free option. This was exciting.

I emailed them first to check they definitely had the gluten free option and to see what it was, as I find sometimes you need to check these things when gluten free options are advertised. The gluten free menu looked good, so I went ahead and ordered. Orders need to be placed before midday on a Thursday. Once booked online you drop them an email to say when you want it delivered – Friday, Saturday or Sunday. They do not give you a specific time but say they aim to get it to you before 3pm. Ours arrived about 12:30 which was perfect.

The Tea turned up in a nice tidy box and inside everything was neatly packed into individual boxes with a lovely jam and big pot of clotted cream. It was all very exciting. This was a great excuse to get out my grandmothers china set and my cake stand.

So what was in the box? We had two types of sandwiches, cucumber and smoked salmon. The gluten free bread was pretty good. It was seeded which gave it some texture which was nice. There were also sweetcorn, potato and sage rosti with a chive crème fraiche and spiced paneer and spinach cakes. We heated them up as instructed and were super yummy.

The scones were ok, but not the best. They were pretty dense and not that risen but had a nice flavour. The ingredients said they were made with coconut yogurt which you can taste ever so slightly which was nice. The jam was lovely and of course the cream totally hit the spot.

Lets get onto the cakes. We got raspberry financiers, honeycomb and black cherry tiffin , berry macaroon and lemon drizzle cake. Each was very pretty and dainty. All were very tasty. I didn’t love the texture of the lemon drizzle, but Mr Life London Food did. He found the tiffin too sweet but it was delicious. I am a chocolate fiend.
There was also a packet of loose leaf tea, it was black tea – oolong, sunflower blossoms, cornflower blossoms and a touch of ripe green mango. I am not usually a fan of fruity tea but this was really nice. I even brewed up some the next day and had it iced.

Overall everything was delicious. We scoffed most of it on a first sitting, but kept a couple of scones for the next day. This is certainly something we would do again and enjoy.

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