Day 65: cycling London

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last couple of days but it’s all been very dull so not much to report.

However today we decided to head off on the bikes to explore Central London again as it may be our last chance as the shops open again soon. This time we were joined by my sister who is now back in London and has just got a bike so she can get about avoiding public transport.

We set off at 9 while it was quiet. We were also conscious that a second day of protests were happening for Black Lives Matter (fully support the movement but the thought of being in a crowd right now scares me even with a mask & gloves on).

A very quiet Buckingham Palace
the three riders of lockdown

Heading off towards Victoria we got to Buckingham Palace and the Mall so my sister could experience the quiet! We then headed up to Piccadilly and along Shaftesbury Avenue to China Town. It was eerie. I’ve never seen China Town quiet, even early in the morning there are people around. I really wanted to stop and indulge in some delicious food from Four Seasons but I guess we are a while off China Town opening in full. Some restaurants did have take away only signs up.

Has Shaftesbury Avenue ever been this quiet ?
the eerily quiet streets of China Town

We then cycled to Leicester Square. Wow! The strangest place without people. It still looks grimy! Although how long has a Mary Poppins statue been there? All my life I have never noticed it because it’s normally hidden by people.

with no people Leicester Square looks even more grimy
Mary Poppins!

I did enjoy the little huddle of ducks who with no people about were napping on the pavement. Love it.

The ducks are taking back the streets

Heading to Covent Garden we couldn’t believe how quiet it was. Never again will we be able to cycle around that cobbled square without avoiding a sea of people. There were a lot of security about and workmen about setting up social distancing signs and flower boxes.

Covent Garden

From there we headed home. It’s weird being in central London with no crowds, feeling safe to cycle along at your own pace. I will miss this, but the capital is not itself without people and noise.

A lot of the main shopping streets are getting barriers installed to widen the pavements so people can walk on them and socially distance. We will see how effective these are.

barriers going up along the main shopping streets

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