Day 40: flower power

My flat is filled with the smell of lilies! They are opening up, it’s lovely. The rest of the flowers we got last week are all in full bloom. I will be sad when they are gone. This of course got me thinking… what about if they don’t disappear. I spent this morning looking at ways to dry flowers.

My research suggests it’s pretty easy so I’ve taken a few from the vases and tied them up as instructed and they are now hanging in our cupboard of doom, or the immersions heater cupboard to others. It’s dark, dry and warm. It will apparently take 2-3 weeks for them to dry out.

Flower drying trial

I’m not a crafty person, I never have been. I once knit a wonky scarf for my grandad ( I was about 10) but that is about it. I am hoping my foray into flower drying will work out. It would be nice to keep some of the colour of the pretty flowers in the flat. I will let you know the result!

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