Day 39: cha cha changes!

So it’s taken me a couple of days to get my head around the lockdown changes announced on Sunday 10th May by the PM, today is Tuesday 12th. Namely the day I should have been flying off to Canada for my 3 weeks of honeymoon. Sigh! Anyway that’s not happening and I’m in lockdown.

The changes announced on Sunday along with a new slogan ( was this really necessary and how much had that and all its new design work cost us?!! When I’m sure it could have been better spent!) “stay alert” . It’s about as clear as a murky pond! I have read quite a few news articles and a lot of twitter comments about the pre recorded speech, and the general thought is confusion. With Scotland and Wales staying in full lockdown is this not just a mess waiting to happen?

I would like to think that the best scientists in the country assessed the facts and figures and decided unanimously that loosening the lockdown from yesterday ( Monday 11th May) would be the right decision. Of course we cannot know what will happen as this is an unknown pathogen and each country is having its own issues and trends. But I cannot help but feel this is rushed. Having seen people acting selfishly all weekend in the sunshine and little social distancing happening when out walking what makes the government think that by allowing people unlimited exercise outside and the ability to drive for exercise people will not take this to its extreme.

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