Self Care Sunday

Before the world slipped into chaos and lockdown was not a word known to the world I would try and make time for myself on a Sunday evening after dinner to do a face mask and relax. A little ritual before returning to work on a Monday.

As we fell into lockdown and days ran into one another on furlough I lost myself a little bit. It all got quite miserable for a couple of weeks but with my amazing family and Mr Life London Food I came out the other side more positive and with things in perspective. I decided that it was vital to make sure I made time for myself.

I may not be working- not my choice- but I was working to keep busy. Cooking, cleaning, doing all those chores put off and now job hunting. Some days the time flies by. With job hunting as well now it’s mentally exhausting. I’ve put myself into a routine to help my mental well being. I am someone who needs structure.

So with a routine and a busy week I need self care time. Time to relax and take care of me. That means a good old cleanse, scrub and mask. Do my nails if required and mini home pedicure. I am finding with little to do at the weekends due to still trying to social distance I can indulge a little more time into this. I’ve even got Mr Life London Food loving a face mask!

Now I am not someone who indulges much time or money into skin care and it’s routines. I keep it very modest and simple. Literally Simple! My morning is a Simple face wash, followed by Nivea moisturiser. With the sun out I am also putting on factor 50 sun cream for my face. That’s it. In the evening it’s a Simple face wipe ( biodegradable of course) and some tea tree stick to keep spots at bay. I tried doing night creams but those I tried just gave me spots. My skin did not agree with them.

It’s not fancy and skin care specialists will roll their eyes in disgust. I know my sister does! She loves a skin care product. However it works for me.

My Sunday evenings have know become known as self care Sunday’s. After dinner I pop on my Body Shop charcoal face mask and relax. After 15 minutes ( once it has all dried) I wash it off. I normally then follow with a Boots tea tree nose pore strip. Then a good moisturise. It leaves me skin feeling soft and clean. I am finding that as it’s so hot and sunny at the moment, and the added element of face sun cream, my skin is getting quite oily, and a mid week mask has been needed.

who doesn’t love a grey mud like mask!
Love this pot!

Along with my face I am trying to take better care of my feet as they are doing lots of walking and cycling at the moment and of course summer = hot dry feet.

After a good scrub with my foot file, and nail tidy up, I’m using a Burts Bees coconut oil for feet. It smells lovely and is making my feet lovely and soft. Although warning, if you don’t let it dry in and walk around it does leave oily feet marks on the tiles. It doesn’t stain but just an FYI – sit, relax and let it soak in.

Now this is nothing groundbreaking I know! But it’s so important for us to find time, even if it’s 5 minutes to stop, breath and relax. Taking care of yourself is so important because if you are frazzled or down it effects those around you. We are all busy and at the moment everyone is extra stressed or tired or worrying about the future. Taking this little bit of time for myself and just the little pleasure of a face mask makes the world of difference.

Sunday for me is the end of the week, getting ready to start the next. I may not be heading to the office but it puts me in the right mind set for getting up, getting the lap top out and looking for a job. It keeps some kind of normality in my life in this very non normal world.

Reading also helps. Furlough has allowed me to reconnect with my love of reading. I try and take a little time each afternoon to read. It’s a nice way for me to end a day on my laptop, sit on the balcony for some fresh air and read a couple of chapters before I make dinner. Whatever works for you, whatever day, however much time, make a little bit of time for tour own self care.

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