Day 103: Just another Wednesday

This weekend as you will have seen in my last post we escaped the city and jumped on a train to see my parents in the Cotswolds. I had not seen them since the end of February. It was lovely to see them, but also the change of scenery. The country air, the wide open fields, it was joyous to be out of the city and our little flat.

We did not do much just sat in the sunny garden, walked the dogs and ate. Simple but effective. We both felt rather relaxed as we pulled back into Paddington on Monday afternoon.

Walking the dog!
Long walks through the fields of wild flowers
it was such a hot sunny weekend we of course had to have a BBQ
reunion celebrated in the sun with bubbles and panna cotta

It was back to the London routine for us on arrival home as the fridge was empty so a trip to the supermarket was required. As discussion about making face masks mandetory was floating around the media on Monday I was shocked by how few people were wearing masks in the supermarket. I would estimate about two thirds of shoppers did not have them on. What is wrong with people? I saw one man with it tied around his arm – so he had it with him but why not wear it?

This is the argument that of course is evolving this week as by Monday evening it was announced that masks were to be mandatory in shops, but not until the 24th July – what is it with the government and delays! Just make it compulsory now, another two weeks just gives the virus more time. We have been wearing masks in any shop we go into since lockdown was eased so its no change for us. I find it hard to believe that shops are going to be able to police this, not only the man power but their safety and also they need the business. There seems to be a group of people who are refusing to wear them and believe its against their social liberty. Is it just they do not like being told what to do? I find it all very odd that if something as simple as a mask could save the life of a loved one why would you not wear it!

We have stocked up on some more disposable ones just in case as no doubt the shops will run out again as they are made compulsory. We are using the reusable ones the most for day to day, but the disposable ones are more comfortable for long term wearing like on a train.

In other news I am officially on the job hunt again, another travel industry employee bites the dust. Over the last few days I have seen more and more industry people putting up notes about being made redundant on LinkedIn. It is such a shame. There are very few travel jobs around so everyone will be fighting for them or trying to figure out what is next. I am one of those. Its going to be a good eighteen months I think before the travel industry is back on its feet and employing again so I need to start thinking of other paths to take. I do hate job hunting!! Wish me luck!

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