There is nothing Odd about Oddbox

I cannot remember how I came across Oddbox but I am glad I did. In a world where food waste is reaching shocking amounts, I am a firm supporter of any company or person who is trying to tackle it.

I hate waste. I hate throwing food away unnecessarily. I am that person that ignores the sell by dates and will freeze it to preserve it rather than throw it away.

Oddbox is a company that has been born out of the food waste problem. They are committed to fighting food waste through saving wonky fruit and veg –  that stuff the supermarkets do not want as it does not fit their description of what a vegetable should look like! They work directly with local farmers to take the wonky fruit and vegetables and deliver it straight to your door.

I love this idea! I have no idea when or where supermarkets decided that food had to look a certain way. Whenever I go to a market in France, Italy or Spain you are welcomed by the brightly coloured fruit and vegetable stalls. Piled high with all shapes and sizes. Not a plastic wrapped carrot in sight. Why did we, the British start doing this? What is wrong with a wonky carrot or a nobbly potato?

The all inclusive French market. nothing classed as a wonky here

Intrigued by the service Oddbox are offering I decided to take the leap and sign up for their vegetable delivery service. So last Friday we had our first delivery ( delivery time and day is dictated by your post code in London). My only problem with the service is the delivery time. For our post code it comes from 11pm to 7am. Now I am lucky and live in a block of flats where the concierge can sign for the package but not everyone has this. Nor do most people in London have safe locations you can leave things that the foxes will not get to.

Big box of Vegetables

Negatives aside, we woke to a big old box ( we have gone for the medium vegetable box) of fresh vegetables. For the most part I cannot tell what is wonky about it. The carrots were huge, the spring onions all looked the same, the cabbage – cabbage like. I cannot for the life of me understand why supermarkets would turn this stuff down.

Someone please tell me what is odd about this?
Dirty vegetables… whatever next!

Everything looked great. All it needed was a good clean ( yes that’s right the potatoes and carrots were dirty –  farm fresh mud! ) and it was ready for the fridge.

The box it came in is cardboard, so that can be recycled as well! In fact they ask you to leave it outside for your next delivery as they will take it away and re-use it.

I have been really pleased with the contents of my Oddbox. The medium box has kept us fed for over a week –  a few spring onions still going – but I am ready for our next box to arrive on Friday. We have started on a box every two weeks to see how we go but may well swap to weekly orders. At £10.99 for a box of vegetables every two weeks I think this is a bargain. It means that we are saving food from the waste but also saves us time shopping for it.

I would highly recommend this service if you live in London.

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