Lisbon through a Lense

Lisbon, oh how I love thee! On my first trip to Lisbon a couple of weeks ago I fell in love with this Portuguese city and its eye-catching tiles and flaky custard tarts. It’s a city that puts its history and culture right out there. Wandering its streets and alleys shows you unexpected surprises at every corner, be it a gorgeously tiled building, a fabulous little bar or the most beautiful views over the city and the water. I just couldn’t get enough of it!

one minute a funicular track, then a road, then a path… the ever-changing face of a city that doesn’t waste its space

for the love of the tiles!

old tired buildings fill the streets with charm and beauty
the beautiful roof tops of Lisboa


You cannot escape the water in Lisbon, life is drawn to it. Be it bars by the water side, boats sailing up and down or the views when you turn around from a climb up a hill


Did I mention the food? I still salivate at the thought of it, all that fresh fish, the beautiful wines and oh the pasteis de nata. The people of Lisbon know how to put on a meal. We didn’t stop eating the whole time we were there, from the moment we arrived a delicious imaginative seafood lunch, to copious amounts of port and cheese, and the cured meat! Divine!

Port tasting of course!
the colourful tins of seafood were just the best bar snack and great souvenir to reminisce about holidays
Pasteis de Nata!!
so many beautiful meats and cheeses from around Portugal


Lisbon is a city with so much to offer. I could have happily stayed there all week rather than just 3 days. There is so much to explore in and around the city. It truly is a capital of an empire! I hope these snaps inspire you to explore the city…. and the world!!

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