A local dinner in Paris

I was very recently introduced to a company called VizEat. Having never heard of it I of course had to have a nosy around the internet and see what its about.

Vizeat is a simple concept, eat local with local people! It gives you the chance to get under the skin of a city by meeting the local people, sharing a meal and chatting.

I think this is a great idea! As someone who avoids tourist trap restaurants when abroad and tries to eat as local as possible, this is certainly an interesting way of having a meal and learning more about a city.  So I decided to give Vizeat a go on a recent trip to Paris, a city I know well, but always up for something new!

On a grey Saturday evening in Paris, as we emerged from the Metro the sun began to shine on the Seine, an omen I am sure, and as we promenaded down the river to the address we had been given we felt as if we were seeing a little bit of Paris we would never have wandered around.

We were welcomed open armed by Philippe and Dzianis, and their lovely dog! First to arrive we sat down to a large table set for 12. We were to be a grand international group of Brits, Canadians, Americans, French and Taiwanese. As the guests arrived we gathered around the table and the wine soon started flowing, it was so relaxed.

Dinner started with beautifully baked camembert with fresh salad and bread, I could have quite happily munched my way through the cheese, but no the main course was soon upon us. Three delicious home made quiches – a traditional Lorraine, a four cheese quiche and a tuna. Each were very different but beautiful. I love quiche so I was in heaven. Dessert was perfect for the hot and humid evening – a cold and refreshing melon soup.

The evening was delightful, conversation flowing around the table hearing about the groups travels in Paris and further afield, swapping tips and discussing future travel plans. This was a great way to wile away an evening in Paris, try something new and meet new people. The hosts couldn’t have been more welcoming and truly made us feel at home.

Would I try VizEat again in another city –  certainly! I would have to make sure that there were a group of people there as one on one could be a bit intimidating but it was such fun.


A is for Arlo’s

Steak, it’s a simple meal, but one that can be either mediocre or excellent.  London is full of steak places ranging from the mediocre to mouth wateringly excellent and of course the price tags can range just like the quality. When you find a good quality steak at a great price you cannot but shout about it.

On a recent trip to Balham to meet the sister we decided to go to the new steak restaurant that has just opened, Arlo’s. Its bright interior and simple decor  is inviting, its menu even more so. It’s a short menu but with a great selection. They offer the more unusual steak cuts, bavette, picancha and deckle, they are what owner Tom McNeile calls the ‘butchers cuts’. These lesser known cuts offer great flavour but at a cheaper price to the traditional fillet or ribeye.

On sitting you instantly feel at home, the friendly staff are more than happy to recommend something and never do you feel rushed. You could quite happily while a way an evening with your steak and a bottle of red either upstairs at a table or downstairs in a booth.

There are so many streak restaurants in London and the good ones tend to charge for it, which is fine if you are offering good quality meat but sometimes you want a great piece of meat for a great price because sometimes on a Tuesday you want to go out for dinner and not have to worry about  how you are paying for food the rest of the week. Arlo’s does that. It offers a great meal at a very reasonable price. Throughout our evening there the restaurant filled and buzzed. Arlo’s has an opportunity to become a Balham institution as I do not see how any one could dislike a good priced streak in a friendly atmosphere, plus it has those luscious milkshakes.

Arlo’s is definitely a place to try if you are in Balham, or I would even say, make the journey down there. I know I will be returning again…. and again! I have lots of friends to introduce to its bavette!